From practical storage beds to modern platform beds, you'll find a huge selection of beds in a wide variety of styles and sizes at Classic Designs.

No longer are solid wood beds boring items of furniture. Instead, they impress with their natural elegance and modern design. Nature, especially in the bedroom, is so important, and luckily greater attention is paid to it again nowadays.

The benefits of a bed finished with a natural look, with its positive effects on the human body, have been clearly proven by scientific research. Natural Wood look gives you a deeper and thus more relaxing sleep, boosting your sense of well-being and vitality and saving your heart an hour’s work each day.

We have consciously refrained from removing knots or other irregularities in the timber. These characteristics make every bed unique. Other influences such as temperature, humidity, etc. can result in changes in the wood.

Enjoy your sleep in our adult furniture bed range with the lively look, the aromatic scent, and the warm radiance of the wood.

Adult Furniture Range

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Linear Uptown bed
From R 9,832.99
Miranda Platform Bed
From R 9,800.00
HighLife Platform Bed
From R 6,500.00
Woodland Bed
From R 8,500.00
Adel Wooden Bed
From R 5,500.00
Woody Platform Bed
From R 6,500.00