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Ready-made products, painted or not. Can be delivered within 5 -10 days after painting in your chosen colours

Jodi Modern Bunk Three-quarter size only

Play and Study Bunk Three Quarter size only

Evolution Cot WIth four legs only

Isabella Platform bed Single, three quarter and double sizes only.

Sunny Bunk single over three-quarter size only

Lia Single over three quarter only

Immediately Available

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Evolution Cot
R 3,420.00 R 3,800.00
Isabella Solid Platform Bed
From R 5,717.25 R 6,352.50
Jodi Morden Bunk
From R 11,642.40 R 12,936.00
Lia Bunk
From R 12,707.16 R 14,119.07
Play and Study Bunk Bed
From R 12,102.27 R 13,446.97
Shore Toddler Room bundle
R 4,252.50 R 4,725.00
Sunny Bunk
From R 12,707.16 R 14,119.07


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