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The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

The Classic Drawers


Our Classic drawers are on metallic slides or runners, silver in colour and with clean lines and a very robust structure. They can be fully extracted so that when you open them you can see everything inside. The rails support from 35 to 70 kg, depending on the size of the drawer, so you can store either the crockery or everything from the pantry. They have a built-in braking system(soft close) that prevents abrupt closure, so that closing is always smooth and slowed down, protecting what is inside.


Why our products?


We understand that furniture is not a one size fits all, so we make specifically for you and your needs & taste.

Made to perform

Furniture needs to be practical, it is not just for deco. We research the latest trends and mechanisms so we can be the best advisors.

Quality Workmaship & Materials

Good enough doesn't cut it with us. We Challenge the status quo of cutting corners to meet budgets and keep profits.


We measure twice & cut once. All materials are cut on our CNC machines to achieve accuracy.

Maximise Spaces

We create maximum storage capacity with customised height. Both the wall units above the worktop and the column units combined with the high-level units, are made-to-measure so that they reach the ceiling.



The push-open opening system, optional in our furniture, allows you to access the interior quickly with just slight pressure on any part of the door. The door automatically release, making opening easy. To close it, simply push the drawer or door, and it self locks

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It’s time to be honest!

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