About Us



Classic Designs started as a family owned business, were Concilia and Israel used to operate from their rented back yard, in 2013. Concilia being pregnant at that time, with their first son, saw the gap in the market and launched My Baby, now Classic Designs with the help of her husband who was a full time Quality Controller of a giant high-end furniture retailer.

The response to the customised pieces of furniture approach was impressive but the challenges that small businesses in South Africa face did not shy their enthusiasm.

            "We had an idea, we saw the gap, but we did not have neither  the resources nor the capital to start big. We started where we were, Start up investment, loan or funding is almost impossible to get. Nobody was willing to listen, but that didn`t stop us" ...Concilia

We have made mistakes, could sometimes not meet deadlines and had cash constraints that made it impossible to deliver what we had in mind, yet we persevered. Classic Designs has up to date delivered hundreds of Baby and Kids furniture all over South Africa and neighbouring countries like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. We have had international exports too! Despite our huddles, we have put countless smiles on kids and parents.

      " This is our story, and we hope it will inspire a young entreprenuer in South Africa not to give up. Where there is a will, there can always be a way. Starting a business requires a lot from you, including everyone else getting a salary except you the owner. Do not give up, know your why and offer the solution your clients need."...Israel

Today Classic Designs has 5 handmaking carpenters, 4 spray painters, 8 general workers, two delivery and installation teams(2 drivers and 2 assistants =4) and 2 sales people.


Our main focus is bespoke made kids and babies furniture. We want to give parents and parents to be a chance to have a piece of furniture that is specifically made for them. They imagine it, we put the pieces together and build it up. They want that specific colour combination, we put it together. Have you ever walked into a shop and see an item and thought to yourself "only if they had done it that way"?  Well at Classic Designs we make sure you have it 'that' way! It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either! We are the manufacturers, no middlemen, no hectic overheads. From our  factory to your home!

Designing furniture for children requires experience and dedication. The design of the furniture can help the child organize his clothes, books, toys and his other 'stuff', so he or she can find it when needed. The furniture needs to be practical, durable and yet comfortable. We all know that kids like to play; it is part of growing up. A room that allows storage and provides a safe place to study, to sleep and play also needs to be inviting and pleasant. This kind of room will be the growing environment for your child and his/her friends. The furniture for your children should last a long time as it is considered an important investment. This requirement dictates the use of quality materials that will be long-lasting and be environmentally responsible. Therefore, Classic Designs selects its materials very carefully. There is no compromising the quality of either the hardware or the wood. The wood product that was chosen for this incredibly important and difficult task is SupaWood.

When it comes to our little ones, safety is the main priority. No parent wants to compromise. At Classic Designs, safety is just as important as it is to you. That's why we only use only A grade SupaWood MDF and pine wood in our baby and kids range. Smoothly sanded, rounded edges and corners for those unfortunate incidents. The products are as sturdy as they come. We then finish with water-based, low VOC or 100% no VOC finishes, lead-free, odourless, non-yellowing and non-solvent. Easy water cleanup, heat, moisture and stain resistant.

With over 27 colour swatches to choose from and choice of knobs or handles, the options are endless.