Covid-19 Updates, Classic Designs

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its global economic effects have reached South Africa. Thousands of patients have been diagnosed so far, but it’s likely only a matter of time before we see significantly more cases.

Level 5

In President Cyril Ramaphosa’s words, we must, “act in the interest of the South African nation and not in (our) own selfish interests.” We headed to following the directive as expressed  by President Ramaphosa and, from the 27th, our factories were shut down from our 24 hour, 6 days a week manufacturing processes. That meant delays and backlogs!

Level 4(updated 15 May 2020) E-commerce is open - Yay!!!

With the announcement, by President Cyril Ramaphosa, of the national lockdown moving to Level 4 as of the 1st of May 2020, Classic Designs is pleased to advise it has resumed operations and deliveries to its customers. This is being done in strict accordance with the requirements stipulated by Government. The necessary processes and precautions are in place to ensure we operate safely.

Capacity,lead times and you can order anything!

We are manufacturing at 30% capacity, All products now have a lead time of 4 to 8 weeks.


Tabled Estimations. Lead times counted from the 4th of May

Since we were prioritizing baby essentials from beginning of level 4, these will be dispatched as soon as completed.

Orders placed before lock down 2 to 4 weeks lead time from the 4th of May 2020. Should be received before 1st of June
Orders placed during lock down level 5 (27/03/2020/ to 03/05/2020) 4 to 6 weeks lead time. Should be delivered before the 7th of June
Orders placed during level 4 lock down 6 to 8 weeks lead time   



Deliveries and Collections

Contactless and paperless deliveries  will be done in areas where Classic Designs Team delivers. If you are collecting, we will place all the products at a designated area for you to pick up your order, and we will smile at a distance. Same applies with deliveries, they will be placed where you want them to be by our team and they will wave a goodbye.In areas where third party transport companies delivers for us, the company will communicate wit you directly their safety regulations. Where installation is insisted in areas where Classic designs Team fulfill, our crew has been advised not to touch anything in your home, please show them where to assemble maintaining social distance and we humbly ask that they are left alone to assemble in the room until they leave. Our team will disinfect the assembled product before they leave, change masks and gloves before each delivery.

Showroom and Communication

 Our showroom will remain closed for a while,unfortunately there won't be any walk in purchases or viewing. Orders can be placed online or you can request an invoice by emailing to or WhatsApp on 0110397268. Calls will be attended to Monday to Friday 0900 to 1400. Saturday and Sundays we are closed.

These are unprecedented times.

Never before have we seen such drastic and decisive measures instituted on a global scale. We are indeed in unchartered waters. And it would not be wrong to feel apprehensive. None of us can fully know where this will lead or the totality of its impact.

But what we can do and must do is remain resilient. Human beings have been adapting for as long as we have been around. It is in our DNA. We will find a way through this. It may not be in the way we expected or the way we necessarily wanted, but we will find a way.

We urge all of you and your families to stay safe and united.

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