The Paint


We take our no lead or solvent based paints promise seriously. Our factory is dedicated to do strictly baby and kids furniture, therefore no mix up with non water based paints. 

We strive not to compromise on quality and safety, that`s why we used the known, experienced and trusted brands.


PLASCOSAFE Furniture coating (Plascon)

Plascosafe - A range of formaldehyde free, premium water-based furniture coating formulated for use on all interior wood.

Plascosafe Furniture coating is an environmentally friendly, single-pack water-based coating available in a range of gloss levels. Plascosafe is non-yellowing therefore the original wood colour is maintained. It has better UV stability than acid catalysed lacquers. The product has low odours and the same drying time as solvent based products, with good mar resistance and long wearing for both gloss and satin finish.



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