Whether it be your son or daughters fortress, chill zone or magical hideaway, our high-quality children's beds are built to last and will accompany them through the most important years of their lives. We have a bunch of super cool ideas  guaranteed to get your darling wriggling with excitement. Choose any one of our amazing kid's beds for a new bedroom makeover, and take your décor skills off on an adventure as their wonderland arises - built around a one of a kind brand new bed.

Childrens Bed FAQ's 

    1. What type of bed should I choose?

This is totally up to you; a simple single child's bed is a budget-friendly choice, but if you’re looking for extra storage (and much more 'wow') you can’t go wrong with cabin beds and mid sleepers. You could even take their bed to the next level, with high sleepers that leave a play area or workstation below. Need an extra bed for surprise sleepovers? Tent beds and daybeds come with a handy trundle for guests! 

    1. What age range do you cater for?

We’re glad you asked, as we spend a lot of time making sure that children of any developmental stage have what they need. Themed beds are awesome for children aged 5-10, whereas contemporary models – with gender-neutral colour schemes – are more appropriate for the 12+.age group. In short, we cater for all ages!

    1. How long will my bed take to arrive?

Some may take a few days but typically, our made to order kids beds have a 4-5 week turnaround time, although this may change depending on the design you’re seeking. For flat-packed items, we usually recommend allowing a fortnight for dispatch and delivery. If you’re ordering with a specific date in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can ensure it arrives on time.

    1. Do you have beds for girls and boys?

Whilst some people may feel a particular bed is more suitable for a boy or girl, we believe our beds are all gender neutral. Each child’s imagination is wonderfully unique (who are we to say that a girl cannot aspire to be an astronaut or love dinosaurs) and we hope our collection of inspiring beds removes the stereotypes and inspires boys and girls alike. Why do we still sometimes use the term boy or girl in the title? Simply to show up in the search results pages of Google should a parent be using the terms themselves! 

Kids Beds

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Isabella Solid Platform Bed
From R 7,425.59 R 9,281.99
Hannah Day bed
From R 6,075.19 R 7,593.99
Goose House Bunk Bed
From R 19,023.19 R 23,778.99
Camila Day bed
R 7,425.59 R 9,281.99
Flexi Bed
From R 6,047.99 R 7,559.99
River bed
From R 4,909.59 R 6,136.99
Morgan Teepee Bed
From R 6,749.59 R 8,436.99
Shore Toddler Room bundle
R 5,523.19 R 6,903.99
Floor House Bed
From R 3,252.79 R 4,065.99
Designer Teepee Bed
From R 7,977.59 R 9,971.99
Straight-up Isabella Bed
From R 6,197.59 R 7,746.99
Camilla Twin Room Set
From R 17,305.59 R 21,631.99