Our out-of-this-world bunk beds for children will literally knock your socks off, they are just that amazing! From Bunk beds shaped like treehouses to high bunk beds shaped like a double decker big red London bus, we really do have an entire collection which is designed to put the fun back into sharing a bedroom.

Each Bunk Bed is designed to last a lifetime, even with your little jumping, leaping and climbing experts putting the frame through it’s paces. Top quality materials and 3D image technology has been used to create designer Bunk Beds that will cause envy amongst your child’s friends. And for parents, each of our beds has been rigorously tested to ensure they are as safe as houses.

You will not see a collection like this anywhere else, we simply have the greatest, most amazing selection of Bunk Beds available. So browse our range and find the perfect modern bunk bed for your children today!

Kids Bunk Bed FAQ's

We at Classic Designs have made it our mission to discover kids bunk beds that tick all the right boxes for growing boys and girls, and we’ve written reams about these two-riffic sleepers in the past (inculding our ultimate bunk bed guide). To help you nail this essential purchase, here are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

    1. I have a low ceiling, can I have a bunk bed?

Absolutely! The trick is to get creative wherever possible, and our clever designers have done just that. L-shaped bunks, for example, leave much of the bottom bed open and exposed, allowing for less space between the bunks without compromising on sleep quality.

    1. Are bunk beds suitable for siblings with an age gap?

Siblings of any age can live in harmony when you choose a bed that keeps both of them happy. Classic Designs strike the perfect balance with bunk beds that feature a toddler bed beneath a stylish loft bed. Who says you can’t please everyone?

    1. What solutions do you have for bedrooms with limited space?

This is where the real magic happens. When floor space is limited, build upwards. Bunk beds are ideal space-saving solutions, as many feature shelving on both the top and bottom bunk, with wardrobes and drawers on the side and bottom. Just browse our collection to see how (and wow!). !

Kids Bunk Beds

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Alma Door Bunk
R 10,479.19 R 13,098.99
Bunk Bed With Study
From R 15,311.99 R 19,139.99
Combination loft Bunk
From R 15,714.39 R 19,642.99
Designer Teepee Bed
From R 7,977.59 R 9,971.99
Flexi Bunk bed
From R 18,225.59 R 22,781.99
Floor House Bed
From R 3,252.79 R 4,065.99
Gary solid pine bunk
From R 12,824.79 R 16,030.99
Goose House Bunk 2
From R 16,465.59 R 20,581.99
Goose House Bunk Bed
From R 19,023.19 R 23,778.99
Jodi Morden Bunk
From R 15,119.99 R 18,899.99
L shaped combination bunk
From R 14,915.99 R 18,644.99
Lia Bunk
From R 16,503.19 R 20,628.99